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The new iPad 3

We have just witnessed the release of the iPad of the third generation, or the iPad 3. This model is often colloquially called the ‘new iPad’. Considering the popularity of the previous versions and the reputation and prestige that the name iPad carries, it comes as a no surprise for anyone that the expectations for the new iPad were pretty high. Despite the high expectations, there was really no doubt that Apple wouldn’t disappoint its loyal customers, and furthermore, many believed that the release of the new model will attract many that haven’t used any of the previous models of the iPad so far. And the fact that more than 3 million units were bought during the first 3 days after the product was released on the market, tells us a lot about its popularity. A majority of the critics were pleasantly surprised by the features and the characteristics of the new model, a small minority remains neutral and an even smaller one thinks that Apple didn’t rise up to the level of expectations. That would be the overall evaluation of the critical reception after the release of the iPad 3.


Basic features of the new iPad

Now, let us take a closer look at the characteristics of the new model. The iPad of the third-generation is equipped with the latest Apple A5X chip and a new graphics processor that has a quad-core. Also, the 5 megapixel camera and the improved video recording are some of novelties introduced by Apple. But, the new Retina display is probably the most praised feature of the new iPad. Many users claim it is the most spectacular display they’ve ever seen and that it brings the tablet computers to a whole new level. The Retina display, some say, will allow the iPad to carry the crown as the best tablet for a long time. The 4G options available in many countries, also add to the quality of the tablet. This iPad has a 25cm TFT display, with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The online services include most of the regular Apple software programs, such as the iCloud, the iTunes store etc, as well as some programs designed especially for this model, both free and available for a certain price.

iPad 3 accessories – Smart Case

It is known that Apple usually offers a large number of accessories for its products. And this is the case with the iPad 3 too. We have, of course, the extremely popular Smart Cover that was offered as an accessory to the iPad 2 for the first time. Because of its popularity Apple includes it to the accessory package of the new model of the iPad. The Smart Case comes in leather and polyurethane versions and the bottom is made of microfiber.  

iPad price

An issue that interests every potential buyer is the iPad price. The traditional view that the iPad price is high, but you get what you pay for is complemented with the belief that buying an iPad is a pretty smart investment. The main argument is that using the iPad instead of other gadgets and devices saves a lot of time. The iPad price can vary from as low as $500 up to $800 and perhaps even more, depending on the features of the model and the additional 4G services.


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